Vaccinations are a crucial aspect of proactive preventative care. Our vaccination programs are designed to protect your animals from preventable – and potentially deadly – illness.

Dogs and cats

Which vaccines should your pet have? Core vaccines are those recommended—and possibly mandated by law—for most pets. Core vaccines include:

  • Rabies (dogs and cats)
  • DA2PPV – Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2, Parvo and Parainfluenza (dogs)
  • FVRCP – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (cats)

Other non-core, but highly suggested vaccinations for cats include FIV for feline immunodeficiency virus and FeLV to protect against feline leukemia. For dogs, bordetella and canine influenza shots are recommended if they frequent dog parks, boarding kennels or any place where they’re socializing with other canines.


We can help you with the wide array of vaccination options for your herd. Generally, cows are vaccinated for IBR, BVD, PI3, and BRSV virus, leptospirosis, clostridial, E. coli mastitis, and calf diarrhea diseases during the lactation period and/or the dry period. The most important vaccines given routinely to sheep and lambs are those used to protect against Clostridial diseases.

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